Drug Misuse

Avoid drug misuse or adverse reactions to drugs by providing a complete report of current medications to your physician, and constantly remind both your doctor and pharmacist of any medication allergies. Don’t assume your care providers are aware of your entire medical history. It’s important to always ask a doctor if a new prescription may interact with other medications you are already taking.

Additional tips for avoiding drug misuse include:

  • Knowing which over-the-counter medications are generally not recommended for older people.
  • Reporting any symptom to your physician, especially if related to medication.
  • Limiting the number of multiple automatic refills without visiting physicians.
  • Discarding expired or prior medications.
  • Avoiding multiple pharmacies or multiple physicians.
  • Not taking medications from other family members or friends.
  • Not self-medicating with over-the-counter drugs.

Be especially careful if you have impaired cognition or vision and always do your best to understand how to take your medications properly. If your medication schedule is too complicated, ask your doctor if it can be changed.