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You're In Good Company (Testimonials)

This is Why We Do What We Do!


You are the center of our Universe

“We have a gentleman in the building, over 70 and very friendly. About three years ago, his health declined very suddenly, and he ended up in the hospital. When he came home for a short time, I informed him about the PACE program. We set up a visit for him and he has loved it ever since. I really believe it wasn’t for that program, he would be in a higher level of care…PACE is a very supportive program that helps to keep seniors independent, in their home, and give them all the support they need to stay there…For most older people, being in their home is their #1 goal. I hope that more seniors in our area will know about PACE so that they can achieve this goal.”

-Michelle Bolton, Social Services Coordinator, Morning Star Tower

“The PACE program lifted me up out of a dark place. I thank the Lord for this place!”
– Pat Griffin, McGregor PACE participant


“If it was not for McGregor PACE, I don’t know where I would be today. My mother has been part of the program for close to 25 years! Family and employers do not understand the needs of a caregiver and the amount of time that is needed unless you have walked in those shoes. I have been a caregiver since I was 8 years old. If you do not have patience, love and time then you should not become a caregiver, because it takes that and more. It takes a community to take care of the caregiver and the family member and McGregor PACE is that and more!”

– Cynthia Torian, (Daughter of Ella Mae Torian)

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