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Facts About the Cost-Saving Benefits of PACE
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

McGregor Received a Grant to Subsidize Their Services.

But Our PACE Program Might Be a Great Way to Cut Costs as Well. 

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that McGregor would be one of 18 programs throughout the country that would be receiving a grant to renovate and upgrade housing units for the elderly. McGregor will receive over $1M dollars to help build over 50 new units and renovate over 20, making our facility better than ever. But the other facet of this grant program that will make an impact is a subsidy that will help bridge the gap between a senior’s income and the cost of living in the units. It is designed to help those who make less than 50% of the area’s median income get housing in a better environment. 

Paying for housing is a true concern for many seniors. Not everyone will qualify for a subsidy, and seniors are looking for every alternative they can find to pay for housing. Many seniors avoid looking for solutions at all because they find the task daunting. Programs like PACE are helping people avoid those higher costs by staying in their homes longer, but some seniors don’t look into them because they assume that the costs will be high for the programs, but the truth is that the PACE program is very affordable. Here are some facts about the PACE program that might help ease some fears: 

PACE Covers Many Things.

PACE covers everything from rehabilitation and personal care to transportation to and from medical appointments and facilities. This helps reduces ancillary expenses that might not be in your budget.

Medicare Covers Most of the Costs.

Medicare pays all of the Medicare-related expenses, but unless you qualify for a state-level Medicaid program, there might be a monthly premium associated with a PACE program.

PACE Services Simplify Medical Care.

Keeping up with premiums and copays can be a concern for seniors, but with a PACE program, medical services are handled in one place. You are assigned a PACE-approved primary care provider, and they take care of managing your medical services. 

Of course, not every senior should be living at home. It has to make sense from a health and safety perspective first, and if it makes sense, it can be a great alternative to a permanent senior living facility. It all starts with a call and evaluation to find out if McGregor PACE is a good fit for you! Our standard procedures have been modified as of late to help us prevent the spread of COVID-19.