McGregor's Response to the COVID-19 Virus
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Honoring Nurses
Thursday, July 9, 2020

McGregor PACE Pays Tribute to Nurses

Here Are Some Nursing Stats You Should Know

May 6 through 12 was National Nurses Week. This year, nurses have had more light shed on what they do than in any other time in recent history. COVID-19 led to long shifts, dangerous work conditions, and a balance between honoring the oath they take to protect their patients and the dedication they have to protecting their families. We would like to honor them by sharing these amazing stats about our nurses:

At McGregor PACE, we hold the nurses we work within the highest regard. The services they provide for our program participants are invaluable. Our goal is to keep seniors in their homes and independent for as long as we can, and without our nursing team, that would be an impossible task. Let’s take some time to talk about our wonderful team and how they can improve the life of your senior loved ones!