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Inside McGregor PACE: How Do We Help Participants?
Monday, July 13, 2020

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Inside McGregor PACE

How Do We Help Participants?

The McGregor PACE program changes the lives of those who participate. It provides care for seniors, allowing their families to go on with work and daily activities without worrying about their loved ones being properly taken care of. But McGregor PACE is about more than just providing adult day care services. McGregor PACE services actually improve the physical health of our participants.

Here are some ways that the PACE program helps to improve the quality of life of its participants:

  • Because of the access to healthcare and pharmacy services provided by PACE, the program slows the decline of health due to chronic disease and stabilizes the health of our participants.

  • The program also decreases exacerbations of chronic disease symptoms and acute episodes requiring hospitalizations.

  • The PACE program improves daily well-being with better symptom management.

The proactive care provided by PACE also helps providers. It decreases the cost of care for our frailest population of Clevelanders by paying for less costly care like wellness visits, which saves expenses for more costly acute care. The coordination of medical care services helps eliminate unnecessary care, and the program pays for non-traditional approaches and services that are more cost effective while providing the same or better outcomes.

PACE works well for qualified participants and their families. It makes participants healthier and enables them to stay in their homes longer. It helps the families by providing care and services while they continue working and attending to other aspects of their lives. And it helps healthcare providers by reducing the overall cost of services. We all win with PACE! Schedule an appointment with our team and learn more about what we can do with your family today.