McGregor's Response to the COVID-19 Virus
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Cleveland seniors look for alternative at-home care like McGregor PACE!
Monday, January 25, 2021

As featured on WEWS TV5.

CLEVELAND — Throughout the pandemic, we've seen cases spike in nursing homes across the state and now older adults are considering alternative programs to get them the help they need.

The McGregor Pace staff provide aides, nurses, transportation to doctor appointments and whatever else seniors like Brown may need to keep them living at home and away from a nursing home where COVID-19 has tragically put residents at risk.

 “I needed help and family, everybody was working in my family,” she said.

Brenda Brown lives by herself and has several underlying health issues. She says her family is there for her and helping her around the house when they could, but often it meant they’d have to call off work or make arrangements to care for Brown. So, in 2011 she turned to McGregor Pace for more support.



“They send an aide to my home to help me do things, they send a nurse out when I need one,” Brown explained.


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