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PACE Senior Spotlight: Phyllis Benning
Monday, January 11, 2021

Phyllis Benning

How PACE Fulfilled a Dream for Phyllis Benning

A Chance to Age in Place at Home

After Phyllis Benning suffered a number of strokes in her 60s that left her unable to walk, she found herself completely dependent on nursing care. At that time, she very much wanted to go home, but she knew she would need significant therapy to regain her mobility. Facing a permanent move to a nursing home, she instead made a life-changing decision: She called the intake staff at her local PACE center.

Following that call, Phyllis enrolled in PACE and began receiving physical therapy services. With the help of her top-notch care team, Phyllis made slow but steady progress. First, she moved from standing with the use of a frame to taking a few steps on her own. Eventually, she began to practice climbing steps, transferring to and from a vehicle, and more, astounding her PACE therapists with her resolve and determination.

All Phyllis wanted was to get better and go home. PACE provided the opportunity for her to receive the care she needed outside of a traditional nursing home. With PACE, Phyllis not only fulfilled the dream of staying in her home, but she was able to travel to Washington, D.C., for her granddaughter’s graduation. 

PACE is the best thing that could have happened to me.” 

- Phyllis Benning 

How could PACE change your life or the life of a loved one? We hope you will reach out to our team with any questions and to learn more about PACE enrollment.