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A shining star champions the McGregor PACE program
Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Kyley Cole, RN Case Manager, McGregor PACE

Kyley Cole had felt inspired to go into health care since she was a child. She spent a great deal of time around older and senior adults and realized how much she enjoyed and cared about helping these individuals. Pursuing a career in senior care made sense.

When Kyley took her first job at McGregor, she was looking for a stable opportunity with a respected and caring organization—and that is certainly what she discovered. During her six years working at McGregor Overlook, she was particularly encouraged and motivated by Dr. Peter Degolia, one of the providers, to pursue her RN degree. McGregor assisted Kyley with tuition reimbursement and wholeheartedly supported her in furthering her education.

Kyley likes to share how much McGregor cares about its employees and provides them with the tools necessary to be successful within the organization.

“I am a different person today because of the organization,” Kyley said. “The company has taught me so many leadership skills that I apply to my work on a daily basis.”

Finding a Career with a Supportive Senior Care Organization

Kyley has found McGregor to be a champion of her personal growth and advancement within the organization. While she started as a floor LPN at McGregor Home, she now oversees three clinics at McGregor PACE as well as manages their Case Management department. This is one of the key differences in working in a senior care environment rather than in a clinical hospital setting. Employees like Kyley are given ample opportunities to expand their skills, take on new challenges, and gain additional experience.

Are you passionate about serving seniors in their time of need? Consider pursuing your career in the senior care field like Kyley did.