Fun Tips to Help Seniors Enjoy July 4th
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Patriotism Rings a Little Louder in the Hearts of Seniors

Help them enjoy a Star Spangled 4th!

When you’ve lived through some of the greatest conflicts in the history of our country, patriotic holidays take on a different meaning. For seniors, July 4th used to mean parades, fireworks, picnics, and a reverent celebration for all things America. They are the “hot dogs and apple pie” generation, and they get very excited to throw on their red, white, and blue to celebrate America. But, it’s not always easy, and it’s not always enjoyable.

We believe that the elderly deserve a great 4th of July more than anyone. This is truly their holiday, and we want to offer caregivers some tips on things you can do to help your senior have a great time on Independence Day. 

1. Remember some basics.

Bring a chair, sit in the shade, grab a jacket, and bring plenty of water. Just because it’s a fun day doesn’t mean that these things won’t be important!

2. Be sensitive.

If you’ve got an elder with dementia or Alzheimer’s, crowds and noise can be stressful. If you notice agitation, take your senior for a walk or to a quiet place to catch a breather.

3. Fireworks look just as good from far away.

For seniors who face cognitive challenges or those who suffer from PTSD, loud noise and bright explosions can be episodic triggers. Enjoy the fireworks from a little further out and they will have more fun than if you were close to the action.

4. Old-fashioned traditions can help memory.

Humans are very sensitive to smells and tastes. Traditional foods like hot dogs, burgers, pies, and even an ice cream sundaes can take a senior back to a bygone memory, and that can be very healthy for brain activity. Resist the urge to get “nouveau” and stay traditional for your senior. 

Your senior might look forward to July 4th the way many look up to the holiday season, so make it a big deal. With a little extra preparation and attention to the details, your senior will have a great day that they will never forget. And neither will you.