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How PACE Is an Alternative to Nursing Home Care
Friday, March 12, 2021

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Why Choose PACE Instead of Moving to a Nursing Home?

The Benefits of McGregor PACE for At-Risk Seniors

Many seniors are looking for alternatives to traditional long-term care facilities. They do not want to leave their home, but they need assistance in order to continue to live independently. The answer for many Cleveland seniors has been McGregor PACE—and the program has particularly been a benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the state of Ohio, cases of COVID-19 have been spiking in nursing homes. More than half of the total COVID-19–related deaths in Ohio have been in nursing care facilities. These sobering statistics, coupled with the months of missed visits with loved ones, have left many seniors and their families looking for another option for their care. McGregor PACE participants have been able to stay safe in their homes with ongoing access to support services and no disruption to their medical care.

News 5 Cleveland recently highlighted the success of McGregor PACE in keeping their participants safe during COVID-19. Brenda Brown, a PACE participant since 2011, shared her experience with PACE and why she is particularly grateful for PACE during the pandemic. Brenda receives the help of aides and nurses in her home when needed, and the program has helped to alleviate the burden of her care from her family. Watch the entire segment below.

McGregor PACE realizes the benefits and growing popularity of the program as an alternative to entering a long-term care facility. We hope that in the next 5 years, we will double the number of residents enrolled in the program locally and expand the program statewide. If you are a senior living in Cuyahoga County and are interested in PACE, there is no better time to inquire about enrollment. We look forward to speaking with you.