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McGregor PACE: Live on Lakeside!
Friday, July 26, 2019

The Team from McGregor PACE Joined Live on Lakeside

Cindy and Elizabeth talked about our services on WKYC!

On Thurs., June 27, 2019, McGregor PACE’s own Cindy Cohen and Elizabeth Miller joined the crew from WKYC’s Live on Lakeside to discuss the ways that the programs we offer help seniors continue living at home while getting the help they need. Hosts Holly Strano and Joe Cronauer asked some great questions aimed at helping viewers get a better understanding of what PACE does and how it impacts the community.

Frightening. Overwhelming.

Holly hit the nail on the head when she used these words to describe how seniors view the concept of in-home care or moving into an assisted living center. But, as Cindy and Elizabeth explained, PACE is here to relieve seniors of those feelings and replace them with excitement and comfort. One of the concerns seniors have when looking for help is that they will be taken away from home to some place foreign without having any input in the matter. But, PACE is quite the opposite. As Cindy puts it, “PACE is a program where we provide wraparound services with the focus of keeping folks in the community in a setting of their choice.” That concept stands in direct opposition of traditional concepts of senior care.

Cindy explains that this is achieved through outlets like our adult day centers, programmed entertainment and therapy ranging from musicians to outings to restaurants and even day trips to events and attractions. But, she continues that it’s not just about fun and social activities. PACE provides vital health care services that many seniors wouldn’t get outside of the program.

The healthcare services provided through the PACE program are robust.

“While they are at our centers, they also get access to medical care. We have clinics - my job is to provide wellness services and health maintenance and improvement,” says Cindy. Dieticians, social workers and speech therapists are also listed among the specialists PACE provides for their program attendees.

Again, PACE is not residential care, but rather a program to assist those who are able to stay in their own home or with relatives is assistance is provided. Elizabeth states that those considering PACE should be Cuyahoga residents age 55 years and older who can live safely within the community and meet nursing home level of care criteria. She explains, “Basically what that means is that they need assistance with some of their care needs which may include bathing, dressing, toileting and those types of things.” 

Joe put it best.

“I think what happens is that we think we can handle this. We think ‘You know what? I’m going to be there for this person in my life’ and the needs become greater as time goes on and then, all of a sudden, we’re out of our realm.” Elizabeth chimed in to say that “caregiver burnout is real” and that our services are designed not only for the senior, but for the family member that is helping to provide the care services. “We need to take care of the caregiver” states Cindy. “Goodness. It’s often harder than people expect it to be.”

So, what’s the first step? “If you were interested in obtaining our services, you could call us and we could walk you through what some of the options are” states Cindy.  

We look forward to meeting you! Contact McGregor PACE today to find out if our programs are a good fit for you, your family and the senior you care about so very much!