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Planning Activities for Seniors in Cleveland
December 2, 2021
Are you trying to plan an activity or outing that the whole family can enjoy and safely participate in? Get our advice for planning a senior-friendly experience. More...
Home for the Holidays with Seniors
November 23, 2021
While aging brings wisdom and experience, even the healthiest seniors face some feels of loss and lonliness during holiday times. Consider ideas to brighten up a loved ones' winter season! More...
McGregor offers the only PACE progam in Ohio
November 22, 2021
Keeping older adults in their homes and neighborhoods in their goal and our priority through PACE! More...
Achieving Workforce Diversity and Safety
October 26, 2021
McGregor PACE is committed to achieving workforce diversity and safety through building inclusive teams and promoting employees' health and well-being. More...
How PACE Provides Patient-Centered Care
October 19, 2021
McGregor PACE is committed to providing patient-centered care for seniors, incorporating available virtual care and telehealth opportunities. More...
The Pace Program By the Numbers
October 13, 2021
See how the PACE program is growing with this 2021 infographic from the National PACE Association. Reach out McGregor PACE in Cuyahoga County. More...
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