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Vision Health in Seniors: Understanding the Importance

Senior Eye Vision

It’s no surprise that seniors (ages 65 and over) are more susceptible to issues with eyesight and vision health. But, did you know that health issues affecting other parts of your body can actually take a toll on vision health? Regular eye exams become more and more important as someone ages.  

Age-Related Vision Problems

There are a variety of eye issues and vision problems that can change someone’s vision permanently. These can include:

Treatment for Vision Issues in Seniors

As with most things, regular check-ups with an eye doctor are the best way to prevent major vision issues for seniors. Optometrists can help diagnose any issues and offer advice to deal with vision loss. Most often they recommend glasses, magnifying glasses, and prescription sunglasses.

Offering Support for Seniors at McGregor PACE

Navigating health issues can become more difficult as you age. If you are 55 or older, consider finding support through the many services we offer at McGregor PACE. When driving becomes challenging because of vision issues, it’s important to find the help and support you need.

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