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Benefits of Walking for Older Adults: Exercise for Your Health

Walking Tips for Seniors

Everyone knows the importance of getting exercise. But, as you age, the options for improving cardiovascular health can seem limited. Starting a new exercise routine isn’t always the best course of action. Luckily, walking is a simple, heart-healthy option that is always available regardless of age. 

How to Start a Walking Routine

While walking is a relatively simple exercise routine, it can also quickly become boring. Learn how to easily start a routine that you can keep up with and that will keep you engaged.

Health Benefits of Walking

Need a little additional motivation to get moving? There are a variety of health benefits for seniors when it comes to walking. Not only is walking easy on the joints and limits the risk of injury, but it’s so easy to get started.

Below are some of the other reasons walking is the best form of exercise for older adults:

Make walking a healthy part of your daily routine. Start slow and work your way up to more challenging commutes. Don’t be afraid to join a recreation center or gym to continue your routine into the winter months.

Finding Senior Support from McGregor PACE

At McGregor PACE, we provide services that address the medical, rehabilitative, social, and personal care needs of Cuyahoga County seniors, ages 55 and over. It is our goal to offer the support and services that participants need most.

If you or a loved one needs support in living a healthy lifestyle as you age, contact us today or call 216.791.3580 to learn more about how we can help.