How to Enroll

Enrolling in McGregor PACE includes four steps: Intake, Assessment, Determination of Medical and Financial Eligibility and Enrollment.


  • Make a phone call to our McGregor PACE office at 216.791.3580
  • Let us explain how PACE works and the eligibility requirements including the partnership between PACE and the caregiver
  • We will ask a few questions for an initial phone assessment to help determine eligibility
  • You can schedule an appointment and tour


  • During this step members of our interdisciplinary team (nurse, social worker and occupational therapist) will visit your home to complete the assessment process
  • The Medical Director and the Interdisciplinary Team will meet to review initial assessments
  • We will schedule a day at the center for the potential participant. This day will include meeting with the doctor, nurse, physical therapist, recreational therapist, dietitian and transportation representative to help determine the needs of the potential participant

Determination of Medical and Financial Eligibility

  • Applications and forms will need to be completed to help determine eligibility and cost for the participant
  • You will need to provide the following documents during the enrollment process:
    • ID for applicant and Power of Attorney (POA)
    • Social Security Card
    • Proof of Citizenship (birth certificate, alien registration or passport)
    • Proof of gross income (social security benefits letter, disability benefits & deductions, pension benefits & deductions, pay check stubs, etc.)
    • Proof of living expenses (rent or mortgage payment, homeowner’s insurance & property taxes, utilities, etc.)
    • Proof of health care insurance (Medicare, Medicaid or insurance cards)
    • Proof of assets (current bank statements, life insurance policies, burial contracts, stocks, bonds, IRA, annuities, etc.


  • McGregor PACE will notify the participant on whether they have been approved for PACE or not
  • If approved, the PACE team will meet with the participant and their caregiver(s) to discuss the partnership agreement and finalize plans for starting PACE