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Do you have a question about the McGregor PACE program? Check out our frequently asked questions below to see if your question was answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

To enroll in PACE, please contact the McGregor PACE organization at 216.791.3580. We will guide you through the application/enrollment process. Please know that enrollment in PACE is voluntary. If an individual meets the eligibility requirements and chooses PACE, an Enrollment Agreement is then signed. For more information on what happens in the enrollment process, see our How to Enroll page.


Does PACE provide comprehensive care?

Yes! PACE covers all medical and supportive services that are necessary for you or your loved one’s care. The necessary medical and supportive services are determined by the Interdisciplinary Team and you or your loved one.


What is the Interdisciplinary Team?

The Interdisciplinary Team is a group of health care and social service professionals who assess you or your loved one’s needs, develop a care plan, and deliver and coordinate services which include acute care services. The McGregor PACE Interdisciplinary Team is composed of:


Can I keep seeing my current doctor?

Yes! You may continue to see your primary care physician while in the PACE program. You will also need to select a primary care physician that is within the PACE organization. Know that you will have a whole team dedicated to providing you with high-quality medical care designed to fit your needs. If you have a specialist, McGregor PACE may include your specialist or may be willing to add your specialist as part of your care plan.


Does PACE cover my medications?

Yes! PACE provides prescription drug coverage. If you enroll in PACE, you will get your prescription drugs and all other necessary medication from the PACE organization.


Does PACE support family caregivers?

Yes! McGregor PACE supports family members and other caregivers of participants with training, support groups, and respite care.


Do you have more questions?

Get in touch! We’re always happy to discuss any questions and concerns you might have.

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