Preventing Falls at Home

Falls are not just the result of getting older and many can be prevented, which is especially important for seniors who have a harder time recovering from fall-related injuries than their younger counterparts. Here are a few tips for fall prevention:

  • Have a lamp or light switch that you can easily reach without getting out of bed.
  • Use night lights in the bedroom, bathroom and hallways.
  • Turn on the lights when you go into your home at night.
  • Add grab bars in shower, tub and toilet areas.
  • Use bath mats with suction cups.
  • Use non-slip adhesive strips or a mat in the shower or tub.
  • Consider using an elevated toilet seat.
  • Wear non-slip low heeled shoes or slippers that fit snugly. Don’t walk around in stocking feet.
  • Keep telephone and electrical cords, as well as other tripping hazards, out of pathways.
  • If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, sit down or stay seated until your head clears. Stand up slowly to avoid unsteadiness.
  • Keep snow and ice cleared form entrances and sidewalks.
  • Use helping devices, such as canes, when necessary. Learn how to get out of a chair safely and lift objects correctly.
  • Exercise regularly to improve muscle flexibility and strength.