Bringing Care to the Community

McGregor PACE, a nonprofit senior care organization, has been bringing Lifelong Smiles to its facility since the program’s inception.“It’s had a tremendously positive effect on all involved,” said Tangi McCoy, CEO at McGregor PACE. Residents who participate in the program, she said, don’t have to travel or asktheir loved ones to help them make special […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

A woman wearing gloves and cleaning a window with cloth

Spring cleaning does not have to be an overwhelming task for seniors. Find out the small steps you can take to reducing clutter in your home and creating a safer environment.

Benefits of Telehealth for Older Adults 

old man and daughter on laptop

Even as the pandemic has eased, telehealth technology has continued to evolve. While some emergency situations will require in-person care and treatment, routine appointments can continue to be done virtually.

Advance Care Planning: Starting the Conversation

old woman and adult daughter on beach

Of course, it is never easy to discuss topics like death and end-of-life care, but doing so now—rather than waiting for a crisis scenario—can be the difference between having many options for your care and feeling trapped in a situation.

Winter Hydration Tips

glass of water

As we spend time outdoors in the heat or plan for activities, we know that we need to stay hydrated. However, during the winter, it can be easy to forget that our water intake is just as important—if not more important. 

Meditation for Caregivers

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Prevent Burnout and Improve Your Well-Being Ideas to Get Started With Meditation Caregivers have so much on their plate: It is easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. If you are a caregiver to a parent or loved one, how can you not only prevent burnout but also practice self-care?  One place to start is […]

Taking Back Your Life With PACE

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PACE Helps Older Adults Regain Their Independence Learn About McGregor PACE Services You want to continue to live independently, but it is getting harder. Your mobility has diminished, and it is difficult to keep up with the daily tasks of living like household chores, preparing meals, and getting to your doctor’s appointments. You know that […]

The Art of Journaling for Seniors

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How Older Adults Can Practice Mindfulness Learn the Benefits of Journaling You may have heard about the benefits of practicing mindfulness but wondered where to start. One of the easiest and most effective ways to be mindful is to keep a journal. It does not have to be complicated! You can use a journal in […]