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Money and Document Management

Money and document management are critical activities. However, they can be difficult for seniors who struggle with memory problems.

How to Stay Organized

Staying organized and asking others for assistance are keys to money and document management. To start with, individuals need to keep important documents in either a safety deposit box or fireproof box at home. Another alternative is to ask an attorney, friend or relative to keep them safe. Additionally, copies of these documents can be made and kept in different locations for additional peace of mind. Different documents can be kept in different places depending on the level of access needed for these documents.


Documents That Require Less Access

Documents that don’t require regular access are better for a safety deposit box. Here are some of those documents:


Documents That Require More Access

For documents that may require quicker access, use a fireproof box at home. These may include:


Why Assistance Is Needed

There are several different reasons a person may need assistance with financial management tasks. These reasons include:


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