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Using Personality Types to Build a Strong Team

Why Personality Types Help Employers Better Utilize Talent

Personalities Offer Insights to Create a Roadmap for Success 

As you work to build a strong team within your organization, you will need to pay close attention to the unique skill sets and talents of your employees. Another important consideration when developing your teams is the personalities of the individuals involved. 

Think of it this way: Building your team is like building a fleet of ships; you will be successful if you identify different ships for different purposes. Not every ship performs the same or has the same strengths. For example, a speedboat may outperform a sailboat at times, yet both ships have their unique strengths for diverse tasks. Your team would not be complete without either ship.  

How do you discover and categorize the personality types of your team members?

There are fortunately many resources that can help you do so. 16 Personalities offers a free online personality test and categorizes the different personality types into four distinct groups: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. Each group is further defined into specific personality types that can be easily compared. For instance, Analysts include bold and imaginative leaders, curious thinkers, and innovative inventors, while Sentinels include those practical and fact-minded individuals who are more warm and eager to help. Both groups are very different, yet you need individuals who fit each category in order to have a well-rounded team. 

There are a few key reasons why it is so critical to identify the personality types of your team members and use that information as an asset to build a strong team.

Everyone asks for help in a different way.

While needing help is a universal experience, different personality types will feel very differently about actually asking for help. Some personality types have no problem raising their hand when they need guidance or assistance. Others will hesitate before asking for assistance. Recognizing this, managers can better serve the needs of their employees and ensure they get the help, training, and support they need.

You will need to determine how to best motivate your team.

Some personality types will be inherently motivated to succeed. Others may be motivated by consistent praise or by a tangible performance reward. Understanding the personality types of employees will help you find tailored solutions for motivating them in their daily tasks.

Personality types offer clues to better handle conflict.

Personality affects so many things in an organization, including conflict. When you are aware of the unique characteristics of your employees and how they tend to respond in stressful situations, you will be prepared to handle conflict when it arises in the workplace. 

We hope you feel better equipped to incorporate personality into your team-building process. If we can offer any additional guidance or resources, please let us know.


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