LIVE at HOME. Your Goal. Our Priority!

888-895-PACE (7223)*

*not for medical emergencies or to discuss participant details

LIVE at HOME. Your Goal. Our Priority!

888-895-PACE (7223)*

*not for medical emergencies or to discuss participant details

Enroll in McGregor PACE to Utilize Our Health Clinics

Take Advantage of Lower Costs, Decreased Wait Time, and Less Crowds

If you or your loved one has been considering the McGregor PACE program, you may be hesitating due to COVID-19 and the closing of our care centers. While our centers do remain closed for normal PACE activities until further notice, we have continued to open the centers to hold health clinics that are available only to PACE participants—not the general public. 

Our clinical health care services for PACE participants have several benefits:

They are less costly.

PACE benefits include all Medicaid- and Medicare-covered services, encompassing primary and specialized medical care, dentistry, laboratory services, prescription drugs, and many other forms of medical and therapy services.

There is a decreased wait time.

Come in, receive the services you need, and leave. Do not spend time in a crowded waiting room, putting yourself at risk of illness or exposure to COVID-19. Our facilities are regularly cleaned and sanitized, and our staff adheres to the strictest protocols to keep you, and all PACE participants, safe when you are in our care centers. 

There are no crowds.

As we noted, the health care clinics held at our centers are not open to the public. During this pandemic, staying away from large groups of people is strongly advised. Our clinics allow you to receive the medical services you need without having to navigate a crowd.

We recommend that you pursue enrollment for yourself or loved one now to take advantage of our clinics, particularly during this pandemic. All of us at McGregor PACE are anticipating the full reopening of our adult day health centers in the future, but until then, we are still serving the needs of our PACE participants during COVID-19

As a reminder, to be eligible for PACE services, you must be 55 years or older, live in Cuyahoga County, be eligible for a nursing home level of care, and be able to live safely in the community (with assistance from PACE). As you begin the enrollment process, please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns. 


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