LIVE at HOME. Your Goal. Our Priority!

888-895-PACE (7223)*

*not for medical emergencies or to discuss participant details

LIVE at HOME. Your Goal. Our Priority!

888-895-PACE (7223)*

*not for medical emergencies or to discuss participant details

How PACE Grows With You

The Difference of Integrated Care

McGregor PACE Gives You a Team to Lean On

Are you familiar with the popular song, “Lean on Me,” sung by Bill Withers? It became an anthem among health care workers particularly during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lean on me
When you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on…

These lyrics summarize the role the McGregor PACE team plays for the seniors we serve. We give participating seniors and their families a shoulder to lean on. PACE is often the answer for overburdened family members and frustrated seniors struggling to remain independent and live at home safely. And as a senior’s needs change, we will be right there—identifying what a senior needs, obtaining the necessary resources or equipment, and ensuring the senior’s changing care needs are met.

PACE takes an integrated care approach. That means we focus on serving the whole of a person’s needs rather than focusing only on an individual’s physical needs, we consider their social, mental, and emotional needs as well. We strive to provide integrated care in a way that is seamless and effective. Our services encompass the following:

  • Mobility changes
  • At-home care needs
  • Transportation
  • Social services
  • Financial services
  • Wheelchair lifts and other home modifications

One other significant difference of PACE is that we provide a senior’s care in partnership with his or her caregivers and family. This keeps family members closely involved and up to date on their loved one’s care and any treatment plans. All PACE seniors also have a social worker as part of their integrated care team. This provides easily accessible and comprehensive support for every aspect of a senior’s life.

Are you or your loved one interested in McGregor PACE? We invite you to learn more about PACE, how to determine your eligibility, and the steps for enrollment. Reach out to our team at any time.


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